Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week 9 - Mid-Term Exam

Monday 10/24:
Due: Study for quiz on Mixtures and Reactions
In Class: Review for Quiz
HW: Study for Quiz

Tuesday 10/25:
Due: Study for Quiz
In Class: Quiz - Mixtures and Reactions, Work on Mid-Term Study Guide
HW: Mid-Term Study Guide

Wednesday 10/26:
Due: None
In Class: Review for Mid-Term Exam
HW: Index Card (3x5card, handwritten, one-side only)

Thursday 10/27:
Due: Index Card
In Class: Review for Mid-Term Exam
HW: Study for Mid-Term Exam - Review previous quiz study guides too!

Want to Practice?  Go to and enter one of the codes below!
Matter and Density Quizizz code: 737706
Nuclear Reactions Quizizz code: 379420
Chemical Bonds Quizizz code: 481767
Mixtures Quizizz code: 997343
Chemical Reactions Quizizz code: 465461
Periodic Table Quizizz code: 184749
Thermal Energy and Properties of Water Quizizz code: 832164

Friday 10/28:
Due: Study for Mid-Term Exam
In Class: Mid-Term Exam
HW: None

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 8 - Chemical Reactions

Monday 10/17:
Due: Notes Ch. 20.1-3
In Class: Quiz - Classifying Matter, Balancing Chemical Equations
HW: Gizmo paper - Balancing Chemical Equations (do not do the online questions yet!)

Tuesday 10/18:  Dress for Lab
Due: Gizmo paper,
In Class: Review Balancing Equations, Lab - Evidence of a Chemical Reaction
HW: Evidence of a Chemical Reaction Questions

Wednesday 10/19: Short Classes due to testing
Due: Lab Paper
In Class: Practice Balancing Chemical Equations and Classifying Reactions
HW: Online Gizmo Questions - Balancing Chemical Equations

Thursday 10/20:  Dress for Lab
Due: Online Gizmo Questions - Balancing Chemical Equations
In Class: Lab - Formula for an Ionic Compound
HW: Post-Lab Questions, Read and Take Notes on Ch. 20.4-5

Friday 10/21:  Dress for Lab
Due: Post-Lab Questions, Notes Ch. 20.4-5
In Class: Notes - Chemical Reactions and Energy, Lab - Endothermic/Exothermic Reactions
HW: Mixtures and Chemical Reactions Study Guide

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 7 - Mixtures and Solutions

Your Physical Science class misses you!
Monday 10/10:
Due: Notes Ch. 19-1-3
In Class: Notes - Mixtures, Solutions and Compounds, Classifying Matter Activity, Lab Prep - Separating a Mixture
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 19.5-7

Tuesday 10/11:
Due: Notes Ch. 19.5-7
In Class: Notes - Solubility, Worksheet, Pre-Lab - Separating a Mixture
HW: Write your lab procedure, Dress for Lab

Wednesday 10/12:
Due: Lab Prep - Separating a Mixture, Dress for Lab
In Class: Lab - Separating a Mixture
HW: Revise your lab procedure

Thursday 10/13: 
Due: Revised lab procedure
In Class: Physical vs. Chemical Properties - Notes and Discussion, Balancing Chemical Equations
HW: Read and Take Notes Ch. 20.1-3, Dress for Lab on Monday

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 6 - Thermal Energy

Monday 10/3:
Due: Notes Ch. 9.1-5
In Class: Check HW, Notes - Thermal Energy, Gizmo - Phase Change, Discuss water graph and phase changes
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 9.6-10

Tuesday 10/4:
Due: Notes Ch. 9.6-10
In Class: Notes - Heat Transfers, Heat Transfer Demonstrations, Review for Quiz
HW: Study for Quiz on Thermal Energy

Wednesday 10/5:
Due: None
In Class: Review Thermal Energy
HW: Study for Thermal Energy Quiz

Thursday 10/6:
Due: Study
In Class: Review Thermal Energy and Properties of Water
HW: Study for Thermal Energy Quiz

Friday 10/7:
Due: Study for Thermal Energy Quiz
In Class: Thermal Energy Quiz, Introduce Mixtures and Solutions
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 19.1-3