Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 14 - Electricity

Monday 12/5:
Due:  Notes on Ch. 10.1-6
In Class: Discuss the behavior of charged particles and Coulomb's Law, Begin Notes - Electricity
HW: Coulomb's Law Worksheet

Tuesday 12/6:
Due: Coulomb's Law Worksheet
In Class: Explore the behavior of charged particles - Van de Graff Generator, Continue Notes - Electricity, Path Finders Worksheet
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 10.7- 11

Wednesday 12/7:
Due: Notes on Ch. 10.7-11
In Class: Circuit Breakers Activity, Notes - Circuits, Worksheet - Ohm's Law
HW: Worksheet - Circuit Happenings

Thursday 12/8:
Due: Worksheet - Circuit Happenings
In Class: Finish Notes - Circuits, Gizmo - Circuits
HW: Gizmo Online Questions, Study for Quiz - Electricity and Circuits

Friday 12/9:
Due: Gizmo Online Questions
In Class: Lab - Series and Parallel Circuits, Review for Quiz
HW: Study for Quiz - Electricity and Circuits (Quiz Monday)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 13 - Work and Energy

Monday 11/28:
Due: Ch. 6 Notes
In Class: Introduce Work and Energy, Review Quiz - Newton's Laws
HW: Worksheet pg. 23

Tuesday 11/29:
Due: Worksheet pg. 23
In Class: Finish notes and discussion, Lab - Energy of Marbles, Pre-Lab - Shoe Drop
HW: Worksheet pg. 21-22

Wednesday 11/30:
Due: Worksheet pg. 21-22
In Class: Lab - Work-Energy-Power
HW: Finish lab questions, Study for Quiz

Thursday 12/1:
Due: Lab Questions
In Class: Review lab results and analysis, Review for Quiz
HW: Study for Quiz

Friday 12/2:
Due:Study for Quiz
In Class: Quiz - Work, Energy, and Power, Introduce Electricity
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 10.1-6

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 12 - Newton's Laws of Motion

Monday 11/14:
Due:  Notes on Ch. 2.5-2.10
In Class: Notes - Newton's Laws
HW: Read and Take Notes Ch. 3.1-5

Tuesday 11/15:
Due:  Notes Ch. 3.1-5
In Class: In Class: Notes - AccelerationAcceleration Discussion and Practice
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 3.6-9, Worksheet on Force and Acceleration (pg. 11 only)

Wednesday 11/16:
Due: Notes on Ch. 3.6-9, Worksheet on Force and Acceleration (pg. 11 only)
In Class: Notes - Newton's Laws, Newton's 2nd Laws Wkst
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 4.1=4

Video "What Happens When an Immovable Object Meets an Unstoppable Force?"

Thursday 11/17:
Due: Notes on Ch. 4.1-4
In Class: Review Acceleration and Newton's 2nd Law,
HW: Newton's Laws Study Guide

Friday 11/18:
Due: Finish Gizmo Packet Only - Free Fall Laboratory
In Class: Newton's Laws EdPuzzle Project
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 4.5-8, Newton's Laws Study Guide

Monday 11/21:
Due: Select EdPuzzle Video Clip, Read and Take Notes on Ch. 4.5-8
In Class: Gizmo - Free Fall,  Practice Quiz - Acceleration, Review for Quiz
HW: Newton's Laws Study Guide

Tuesday 11/22:
Due: Newton's Laws Study Guide
In Class: Quiz - Newton's Laws, Read and Take Notes on Ch. 6
HW:  Ch. 6 Notes

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 11 - Motion continued

Monday 11/7:
Due: Motion Quiz #1 Study Guide
In Class: Quiz - Position Graphing, Spark Lab - Velocity Graphs,
HW: None

Tuesday 11/8:
Due: None
In Class: Gizmo - Velocity vs. Time Graphs
HW: Gizmo - Velocity Graphs and Online Questions

Wednesday 11/9:
Evening Conferences - STUDENTS, please attend your conference with your parents!
Due: Gizmo Packet and Online Questions
In Class: Introducing Acceleration and Newton's Laws of Motion
HW: Read and Take Notes 2.5-10

Thursday 11/10:
Due: Notes on Ch. 2.5-10
In Class: Demonstrating Newton's Laws of Motion
HW: Notes on Ch. 3.1-4

Friday 11/11: No School - Veteran's Day & Teacher In-Service
Afternoon Conferences - STUDENTS, please attend your conference with your parents!