Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Summer

End of the 2016-2017 School Year:

After the Final Exam, please take a minute to complete this

Thank you for a great semester.  It was a pleasure having you all in class.  
I hope you stop by to visit on occasion and say hi to Alpha.  
Best wishes for all of your future endeavors!
~ Mrs. Sutterlin

For the 2017-2018 School Year:

The following items will help you prepare for the fall.  Scroll down to view the following:
  1. Open House Information for Parents
  2. Course Syllabus for students
  3. Class supply list
  4. Chromebook and cell phone policy for class
I look forward to meeting parents at Open House!  
Parent Handout
Course Syllabus

You will need the following items for Physical Science:

 - A 2 inch, 3 ring binder with a clear-view cover and pockets
 - at least 5 dividers with tabs (Business, Notes, Labs/Gizmos, and Study Guides; the last tab should be left blank for now)
 - loose-leaf lined paper (spiral notebooks are acceptable)
 - graph paper (one packet (100 pgs) of graph paper can be shared among students)
 - Calculator (scientific or graphing)
 - #2 pencils (mechanical pencils are preferred)
 - 1 black, blue, and red pen
 - highlighter
 - book cover (paper covers are preferred)
 - headphones or earbuds
 - Chromebook
 - colored pencils (optional)
 - colored pens (optional)

Chromebook Policy:

Students who have been issued Chromebooks are expected to bring them to class every day.  Students should also have their own headphones with them each day.  Chromebooks may not be used in class everyday but students should have them available and ready each day.

  • Students are expected to charge their Chromebooks at home each night and to leave charging cables at home.  

    • Policy if a student forgets to charge overnight: “Park” your Chromebook in a quick charge station in the Library and borrow another (while supplies last).
    • Policy if a student forgets their Chromebook at home: Stop in the Library first thing in the morning and sign-out a loaner for the day (as long as spares are available). (“Frequent flyers” may be denied service.)

  • All students are expected to arrive to class on-time with a charged chromebook.  
  • If a Chromebook is damaged:
    • 1st accidental incident: covered by high school fees (1 per year)
    • After 1st incident: student is responsible for full repair/replacement
    • Lost device: student is responsible for replacement cost ($300)
    • Stolen device: family must file a police report / replacement fee may be waived
    • All incidents will be evaluated individually
    • Students who (intentionally) break other student devices will pay for repairs
    • Tech Dept will conduct all repairs
  • Students enrolled in grades with assigned devices are no longer permitted to bring personal laptops or Chromebooks to school. 

Cell Phone Policy:
The school WiFi access on cell phones will be limited to preserve bandwidth for district-owned devices.  For this reason, cell phone will not be as useful in the classroom as they have in the past and the new Chromebooks will serve our personal device purposes.
  • Cell phone are allowed in the classroom but must be kept out of sight and out of mind during class unless explicitly dictated by the teacher.  Cell phones that are visible, audible, or serving as a distraction from learning in any way will be collected by the teacher and returned to the student at the end of class.  Abuse of the policy and repeated interruptions to learning may result in detentions, loss of phone for the school day, and calls home.  Cell phones may not be charged in the classroom.
  • We may occasionally use the stopwatch feature on the device, however, traditional stopwatches are still available.  Chromebooks will replace cell phone for the use of apps, taking pictures of the board, and collecting data.
  • Cell phones (and any other device with access to the internet, ex. smart watches) will be collected in a box during all formal assessments (tests and quizzes).